Content Analysis

At Elena's Barre we offer deep content analysis. We dive in into the "WHYS", the intricacies of human behavior, relationships, implied meaning of the message that content creators use. If you are implementing Elena's hypothesis, statements, phrases in your work please refer people to her work. Please give credit to content creators who help you create your videos, shows and other projects. 

Elena advocates for better content because the content at large that is being produced today is very low quality and it impacts people's mindset and their life choices in unhealthy way. 

Elena promotes critical thinking skills that help people think for themselves and make decisions based on objective/rational criteria, not based on their emotions. People rely too much on their emotions nowadays which leads to mass brainwashing and as a result to mass degradation. 

Extensive background and constant education in various related fields allow Elena to close certain conclusions based on observations of human behavior, female/male nature and deep analysis of what happens on social media and in the world. Elena has a Bachelor's degree in Communications & Mass Media and she took A LOT of psychology classes back in college. She keeps challenging her own assumptions by educating herself, by talking to rational people and bringing interesting topics and guest speakers to Elena's Barre Teachers' Community. Elena is trying to raise awareness and the objective enlightenment to people who join EB controversial discussions. 

Elena tries to bring awareness among the fitness community and educate fitness instructors of the impact their words and actions have on people who consume their content. Society today could really benefit from more objective and rational Yoga and fitness instructors who challenge their belief system and messages and who work on their critical thinking skills.

If you are interested in learning more or being a guest speaker on Elena's Barre Objectivity Club join us for our controversial discussions with Elena's Teachers' Community on Saturdays at 9:15 am PST on Elena's Barre YouTube Channel. 

Bing your questions to out LIVE stream meetings. Let's have some FUN and debunk bad/misleading content together! :-)

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