Staying in touch with each other will help me to adjust the classes towards your needs and help you reach your fitness goals. Let me know what are your fitness goals? What are your traumas and injuries? I am not sharing this information with anyone. It's all for my reference so that I can provide the relevant modifications and challenges. You can always tell me how you feel before the class by saying "Hi" in the LIVE chat on YT LIVE (if you are a subscriber ;-)). If you don't want your comments to be seen by others, fill out the Stay in Touch Form below. 

Let's Stay in Touch

Welcome to @elenasbarre Community! ❤️

THANK YOU SO MUCH for joining us for regular fitness Live classes on EB YouTube Channel and for sharing your fitness related feedback with me! 🙏

If you are new here please fill out the STAY IN TOUCH FORM on the website:

It will help me to create better classes that will be more tailored to your needs and physical capabilities.

Please keep in mind that LIVE classes on YouTube are generally for healthy people. I have a few classes for beginners, mini fitness workouts, Chair Yoga and Barre for beginners. Check them out, let me know what you think. 🤗

Please acknowledge that you are practicing all classes at @elenasbarre at your own risk and discretion. Accommodate these classes to your needs and fitness capabilities. ELENA'S BARRE Members will not be liable for any harm or injury you may experience as a result of our fitness workouts, cooking classes and controversial discussions. Thank you for your understanding. 🤗

I highly recommend one-on-one virtual classes for people with health issues and injuries. These classes are very personalized. I have a few spots left. 😉

Enjoy your weekend! 🤩🥳💖

See you at the workout! 😍

Yours Elena @elenasbarre