From Sanskrit the word "Ayurveda" means the science or knowledge of life and well-being. Determining your Dosha(s) type(s) will help you establish a proper diet and choose the appropriate fitness activity. Ayurveda is a very broad subject; we are trying to narrow it down to these two main factors that contribute to your wellbeing: workout and diet. From Sanskrit the word "Dosha" means something that is wrong, faulty or defective. It can indicate that there is an excess of some elements in your body that can lead to a disease. So, by balancing out your Doshas you can manage some of the health conditions or in some cases even prevent certain diseases. Of course, it is very individual, because everyone has his/her own body structure, genetics and other external factors such as lifestyle, food choices, etc. that can impact predisposition to certain health conditions. Check the seminars below. They will help you determine your Dosha type(s) and general recommendations of what foods you should eat and what foods you should avoid based on your Dosha(s). Keep in mind that these suggestions are not a replacement for medical treatment. Remember to always consult your dietitian/doctor before drastically changing your diet or engaging in any fitness activity if you happen to have any health issues.

DETERMINE YOUR DOSHA TYPE & JOIN Elena's Barre Teachers this weekend to find out more. Your information is safe with us. This test is for your own reference, so that you are ready for our meeting this Saturday November 13th 2022.


Welcome to AYURVEDA & DOSHAS Seminar Day 1 (Overview). In this video we are talking about the general concepts: Ayurveda, Gunas and Dosha qualities and we discuss what foods you should eat and what foods you should avoid based on your Dosha(s). Please do the survey below before you attend this seminar to get the idea of your body/mind type, so that you follow the right food recommendation(s). Remember, it's NOT a medical advice. Elena's Barre members will NOT be liable for the outcomes you may experience as a result of these recommendations. Thank you for your undersanding. Tomorrow we will share with you specific food recipes.