DETERMINE YOUR DOSHA TYPE & JOIN Elena's Barre Teachers this weekend to find out more. Your information is safe with us. This test is for your own reference, so that you are ready for our meeting this Saturday November 13th 2022.


FIll out the survey below. Choose all of the applicable answers. Rememebr, you can be a combination of all 3 Doshas. Calculate all the points for each Dosha. The one that gets most points is the domiant Dosha for you. It's NOT to say that one is better than another, it just is your PRAKRITI - your natural qualities and natural force of being. ;-)


Welcome to AYURVEDA & DOSHAS Seminar Day 1 (Overview). In this video we are talking about the general concepts: Ayurveda, Gunas and Dosha qualities and we discuss what foods you should eat and what foods you should avoid based on your Dosha(s). Please do the survey below before you attend this seminar to get the idea of your body/mind type, so that you follow the right food recommendation(s). Remember, it's NOT a medical advice. Elena's Barre members will NOT be liable for the outcomes you may experience as a result of these recommendations. Thank you for your undersanding. Tomorrow we will share with you specific food recipes.