Elena's Barre Teachers' Community is a wonderful community for yoga teachers. We meet every Tuesday, Thursday at 8 am PST to practice Yoga/Meditation/Kundalini Yoga/Pranayama and more, exchange experience and give feedback to each other. We also meet on Saturdays and Sundays at 9 am PST for more practice and interesting discussions. Remember to covert this time into your time zone. Constant teaching practice and teachers' exchange makes better teachers! If you are interested in joining our beautiful community to improve your teaching skills and take our honest feedback, please reach out to me! We would love to have you on board. You should have completed at least 200 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training, more is preferred.

Let's Meditate Together is a great community of "heavily-meditated" meditation teachers. We meet every Sunday for Yin Yoga and Meditation at 9 am PST. Remember to convert this time into your time zone. You should have at least 200 Hours of a Meditation Teacher Training before you join us. We tend to go pretty deep. Feel free to experiment with us. We LOVE meditating together. Skip the intro details, go straight into the practice. We are also very honest with each other. So, if you are willing to learn and take our feedback, join us! Reach out to me if you would love to join our teachers' community.