Fitness Tools


We use light hand weights under 3 pounds (recommended). You can use heavier weights if you want, it just will be more challenging. We do a lot of small sharp movements mainly with our arms to target specific muscle groups there and if you are not to workout with the heavy weights using them can throw you off balance and off the correct alignment.  They can be replaced with canned food or filled in water bottles.

Circular Loop Band

Circular resistance bands allow us to go deeper into the muscles and preserve better posture while performing the exercises. You don't have to use them, but they help to target the muscles on a different level. I recommend to use fabric bands for working with thighs and elastic bands for working on upper body. Adjust the resistance of the bands based on the sensation. Start with lighter resistance and over time if you maintain propoer posture increase the resistance.

Small Pilates Ball

A small Pilates ball is ideal for gentle muscle contraction. We use it to work on our inner-thighs, arms, hamstrings, core muscles, balance and stability. If you do not have a ball you can use a small throw pillow instead, but eventually I highly recommend you to get a 9-inch Pilates ball. 

Long Resistance Band

Long bands are not necessary, but we use them sometimes to work on our shoulders, arms and forearms and lower body. They help to target our muscles on a deeper level. They are also great for stretches if you don't have a Yoga strap.

Yoga Blocks

If you practiced yoga before, you know the importance of the yoga blocks. They help to go deeper into the posture and/or to simplify the static holds in various postures and stretches. We mainly use them for stretches here. If you do not have yoga blocks, do not worry. You can use a stack of books instead. But eventually it is recommended to obtain them especially if you plan to practice yoga seriously.


We use barre for a light support. Make sure it's a stable surface that is the height of your natural waist and that you can slightly touch with your fingers. You can replace it with the chair, a kitchen counter top table or a couch that is the height of your natural waist.

Foam Roller

Foam roller is a great tool to have for any fitness enthusiast. Rolling on a foam roller for 5-10 minutes after each class has a wonderful effect on all the worked muscles even after stretches. Release of toxins and lactic acid are as important as working out and maintaining a good diet.

Yoga Strap

Yoga Strap is an essential tool in Yoga practice and restorative stretch practice to help ease into the poses and relax the muscles.


As we work out we sweat a lot of fluids out, it's important to replenish our water balance. Water promotes protein synthesis and contributes to the muscular recovery and heeling process. Water also helps to cleanse the organism of the toxins.