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I decided to devote more time and research and share some ideas, tricks, recommendations with you that will help you to take smart decisions, stay on track and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Once a month I'll try to post a blog article, where you can find relevant information to wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Let me know in the contact form what questions you would like to get the answers to, and I will do my best to research those topics with you. Let's explore together! Also, I'm running occasional fitness programs to help you reach your fitness goals and stay healthy.



It's been a while since I've written any articles for you. I was really busy with the moving and all the life stuff that kept occupying me... Stuff happens, right? ;-)

I know what I have to say today may not sound as nice and appealing to a lot of people. But it needs to be said regardless of the criticism I may get later…

I know for the past few generations we were trying to say and hear only nice things, but what happens when reality kicks in and all our false illusions fall apart? Is not it healthier to just tell the truth and make rational choices rather than living in sweet lies and making bad emotional choices that lead to bad outcomes?

Over the past few months as I started a new MOMENTS of TRUTH Playlist on my YouTube Channel, I’ve noticed that people do not really like my videos very much and I was questioning myself whether they do not like something I am saying because it does not sound good or whether it is the quality of the sound/video, etc.? I would much rather appreciate if people could tell me when they do not agree with something rather than simply “disliking” a video without leaving any comments that might help me improve the quality of the video or content…

I do not like complaining as you have probably noticed. However, at the same time I may need to explain to some people how much commitment maintaining a YouTube Channel with all the Social Media channels actually is… In addition to creating videos, re-recording multiple times, setting up the lights, camera angles, microphones, creating music, making pictures and other related matters to video production, managing social media presence is another full-time job. All of these activities take a lot of time, work and effort. Oh, and have I mentioned that nobody pays you until you gain and maintain at least 1000 subscribers for a full year? If you are building your YouTube Channel organically without paying a marketing agency to speed up the process, it takes a very long time. If you are telling the truth to people, it slows down the process of being a YouTube Partner. you could do it much faster if you showed yourself in a bikini and told people what they wanted to hear... ;-P It is countless hours of sleepless nights and research, especially if you cover the topics that matter…

And guess what? Usually what matters to people, something serious that challenges their belief system that helps them take better choices in their life does not sound emotionally appealing. Breaking through somebody’s belief system is a very challenging and ungrateful task. It can be rewarding if people are open to new ideas and are willing to listen and work with their perception and actions. Otherwise, it feels like you are literary talking to a wall…

I do not mind constructive criticism that helps me improve. So, please be mindful when you press a “dislike” button. Try to be polite and respectful with others even when you do not agree with them, because may be if you open your mind, you will come up with new ways of dealing with your situation. I am not a fan of a willful ignorance and “feels before reals” as you have probably noticed and in my videos and discussions I try to dive in deep into very sensitive topics.

If something sounds too good, do not fall for it! STOP! Ask yourself WHY. Why does it sound so good? What is it really trying to tell you and what are the possible outcomes of that choice or emotional manipulation?

Anyway, despite feeling down sometimes, I enjoy creating content for you, because I know that it is useful for those of you who are willing to listen to it and those of you who are willing to apply it.

I am always happy to hear from you guys. If you share your stories, your experience with me and if you can support my YouTube Channel and Elena’s Barre Community in any way you can, I am very grateful for it.

With love,

Yours Elena @elenasbarre

January 6, 2022 - SHOULD ALL OUR DREAMS COME TRUE? - Keep Reading Below


If we were living in a fairy land I would say “yes, of course”. But reality sucks and there is nothing we can do about it except to accept it and move on. ;-)

Time changes shift our priorities, and this is done for the best, although we may not realize that. As a teen I always wanted to be a musician, I wanted to graduate from the musical conservatory in Russia. You may not believe it, but I was traveling, performing, competing, winning various prizes before. Life is good at teaching us how to do what we don’t want and how to delay things we want to do for later. Often we never get to those things that we wanted and could do before. And whatever happens to us happens for a good reason even when we don’t think so at that moment. Maybe it shows to us that we need to reconsider a certain behavior or change our attitude towards something or someone? At some point in life, we must mature and let go of our past dreams and childish desires. The funny and sad thing is that a lot of people prefer to be children till the age they die.

Now, I’m slowly going back to where I was, it does feel different, my piano technique is not the same. I had a very long break, and I can’t physically practice for 6 hours a day as I used to when I was a kid and a teenage girl.

I was studying, working, traveling for over 10 years, busy fulfilling somebody else’s childish dreams. I thought that I had time to stretch, and my youth was in my favor. For a musician or someone who pursues a career in a certain field this break is irrevocable no matter how much he/she practices. Now I finally have some time to get back to it, but I can’t fully dissolve in it due to other duties, priorities, and physical limitations… I realize I may never be a stage performer/musician as I always wanted just because everything has its time frame. Some things and dreams are just gone forever, they are called "dreams" for a reason. ;-P

One of the life lessons is to let go of our past unfulfilled dreams, let go of our past thoughts and ideas, let go of things that hold us back. Sometimes it means that we need to cut out some old friends and relatives, sometimes it means that we need to change or limit access to certain things slowly or drastically.

Move on with your life, set new priorities.

Whenever you realize you can’t be something or someone you wanted to be in the past, don't be a victim of your own thoughts and belief system. Find where you can apply what you already know and can do, find where you can bring value… Don’t get attached or entangled with things and people. Some people are not worth your time and energy. Nothing lasts forever, neither our life. If we were born it means that we will all die at some point. Be mindful what and whom you spend your time and energy on.

Time is the most valuable resource we have.

Everything has a time limit whether we like it or not. Notice how those who in their adulthood attach and crave for their crazy childish dreams tend to fail miserably, because they are not happy with themselves, they are not happy with what they have become and what they have achieved. They constantly want more...They try to fulfill their childish dream without considering the present concerns and a new set of priorities. Very often they don’t even care whom they are screwing to get what they want. There will be always more things to want and more things to desire and only 24 hours a day for a few decades while we stay alive. LOL

If we don't set our priorities straight, we will go NUTS with all the jealousy and a continuous wish list.


If your childish dream is reasonable and does not cause damage to you and others considering your present state of life and priorities, then go for it. Just be mindful of the outcomes. All our actions have consequences, and we should not blame anyone for what we choose to do now or for what we chose to do long time ago, because freedom of choice is first of all responsibility for our own actions or a lack of actions. ;-)

Finally, probably the hardest life lesson to accomplish is to do your best, keep working hard without expectation and without being discouraged and distracted by the crazy people. (Remember, it's their choice too... LOL)

This is when you start noticing the first results. Don’t attach to them, just keep working. As Queen Elizabeth II says: “Work is a rent [we] pay for the room [we] occupy on earth”.

It is up to us how we pay that rent, but rest assured everyone pays it at some point. :-)

Let’s make earth a better place by being more aware of our time and actions.

With love,

Yours Elena @elenasbarre

December 20, 2021 - What do you think about indecisive people? - Read Below

Have you met a person or may be a couple of people in your life who can't make up their mind and constantly change their decisions? Today they decide to do one thing, the next day they forget about it and switch to a different thing? I am sure we have all been there at some point: either being indecisive or having met somebody who was blowing our mind with constant changes they wanted to make.

This is the moment I would like to talk about Chakras. In a yogic philosophy Chakras are the energy clusters - cycles that are spread around the body. They are centered at the important organs and can be associated with emotional and physical characteristics such as stability and balance or stress and some physical diseases in case of a blockage.

The first Chakra is located at the base of the spine, it is called the Root Chakra or the Muladhara Chakra. This Chakra is associated with the basic instincts: survival, safety, security, financial and emotional stability. It is important to balance out our basic needs first: financial, mental and physiological needs such as food and shelter.

A lot of people do not realize that our indecisiveness and lack of commitment are the results of mental and physiological insecurity we have. Our Root Chakra is blocked and we are so focused on material matters. Occurs this feeling of grasping onto something or someone, we get attached to things and people and cannot open our vision to the bigger world around us. The moment you take away those little things and people, we immediately become lost and our illusion of the world collapses. Does it sound familiar?

When people do not keep their promises, it is certainly frustrating for someone who expects them to keep that promise. The moment we stop expecting people to behave or respond a certain way, we become free of later frustration in case of a violation of that promise or a particular action. It becomes the problem of that person who cannot keep his/her word, first of all to himself/herself. It means that they do not take their own word seriously, they do not respect themselves. Notice how the level of committed people reflects on how reliable they are and how well they tend to keep their promises. This is all related to our mental, emotional and physiological states.

Remember that gaining reputation is a very hard work that is built for decades and that can be destroyed by one wrong step. People usually do not respect those who do not respect themselves. So, if you feel like you are lacking love, compassion and understanding and respect from others, and you basically feel like a victim, consider your own behavior, your own words and your own actions. Do not try to immediately blame the other person for not loving and trusting you. Do some digging and analyze your patterns, what behavior patterns lead you to this miserable state and situation? Detecting the problem is the first step forward. Try to be objective with yourself and others. Work on yourself, discipline yourself to keep your promises first of all to you and for your own sake. Fake it till you make it.

What differs humans from animals is our mind and ability to think (besides our anatomy and a physical appearance ;-) ). We should use our brain to properly program ourselves and constantly evolve from our ancestors. Do not just operate based on your basic instinct. Do not take important decisions emotionally, they will never lead you to the proper outcome. May be in the short run it will feel like you are satisfying your needs, but are they really your needs or you just your wants?

Today we have a lot of confusion about many words. The literal meanings of the common words are misinterpreted and changed to satisfy emotions. Find the true and objective meaning of the words and you will be surprised how twisted our mind and perception of things have become... ;-)

You can take rational decisions only when your Root Chakra is well-balanced and you ARE financially, mentally and physically stable (don't lie to yourself, notice: I'm not using the word "feel" here ;-)), otherwise you will always be shaking with the slightest blow of the wind and you will constantly change your mind. And as a result, you will not respect yourself and people will not take your seriously.

All Chakras should be balanced and the process begins at the basement. When the house basement is unstable the entire building is wobbly, right?

Tell me what you think about this topic in the Stay in Touch Form.

With love,

Yours Elena @elenasbarre

December 3, 2021 - How I can help you - Read below


Toning your muscles takes time, patience and consistent practice. There are no shortcuts, no fast results especially if you workout once a month or once a week. This is not enough for your body to develop MUSCLE MEMORY. Without regular exercises and without maintaining a healthy diet you will not get what you expect, unless you are happy with your current physical state. If you want to define your muscles in a natural way, you need to trust the process and stay on track with your regular fitness routine. It is recommended to workout at least 3-4 times a week and do a cross-training. (I'll talk about this topic in a separate article). If you want to see a visible change in your body, defined and toned muscles, start with a 21 day trial of consistent fitness routine. This is how long it typically takes to establish a habit. However, now, once you have established it, you need to make sure you keep it. ;-) Exercising should be your lifestyle. Ideally, you become addicted to it and crave it like some of us crave sweets or caffeine... Join my upcoming 21 Day Transformation Challenge! We are currently running one Challenge program. We will do it again, keep an eye on our schedule.


Losing weight can be a problem for a lot of people. And nowadays there is a LOT of contradicting information about this subject. You can research it, however I would like to warn you to be careful with diets that promise you the weight loss within a few days. Remember, chances are that the shorter the period of a diet, the sooner the result will disappear. ;-) You are not trying to find a quick solution, are you? You want the result of that diet to last, right? Otherwise what is the point of the diet? That is why it is important to convert your diet into a lifestyle. Avoid eating artificial sweets and sugary drinks. Just STOP buying them. It might take you some time to readjust yourself and your food preferences, but it will be so worth it. Eventually you will be able to replace candies and cookies with fruits and vegetables. Eat healthy food. Watch the size of your food portions. Your diet should be well-balanced and include all the elements: carbs, protein, fat, fibre, vitamins, minerals and water. High impact workouts are a great solution if you know what you are doing. They have high impact on your joints though and in some cases on your heart too, so the risks of injuries are pretty high. You can lose weight with low impact workouts that are safer for your body, yet they have a cardio component to it, which can make your heart pumping blood and make you sweat and lose weight too. ;-) These workouts are a very effective way to lose weight if you want to reach that particular goal.


Taking a moment to just sit quietly and tune into your body can already be a challenge for many. Are you one of them? Do you feel like your mind constantly has this inside chatter and never gives you a break? Do not worry, we have all been there. How many people do you think can actually isolate themselves from the rest of the world, take a moment away from their phones and computers and just observe themselves from the outside? Do you want to learn how to do this? This is a skill. It can be learnt. Some people have a natural tendency to meditate more than others, it does not make them better or worse people. It means that this skill can be acquired, it just takes some time, practice and commitment. It will help you a LOT to deal with your daily life situations. You will learn how to become more aware of yourself, how to manage your emotions, how to make the right decisions that you will not regret later, how to be proud of yourself and how to actually do what you have planned without postponing and constantly coming up with the excuses.


Strength and flexibility is something we acquire over time if we constantly keep practicing. It applies to all spheres in life, not just fitness. You can become strong and flexible if you consistently work on it. Remember that what we practice becomes stronger. It applies not to our body, but mind as well. All our classes are very well-balanced: they all start with the proper warm-up to condition the body, then we strengthen specific muscle groups and we end each class with deep stretches that will help you recover after each class so that you are ready to nail it in the next class. You feel strong and flexible during and after our classes although sometimes we perform really high intensity exercises. These classes are a great combination of things that your body and mind need. Unless you really want to, you do not need to attend any other fitness classes if you take our 40- minute workouts 3-4 times a week. ELENA'S BARRE is all you need!


Before every class begins your instructor asks you if you have any specific goals that you would like to achieve. Each class is tailored towards your needs and desires. You can also mention your goals in the application/waiver form or answer to the questions on the website. Your instructor is very goal and result-oriented. She deeply cares what and how you feel and she wants you to be safe in your practice. Ask her if you have questions or concerns about movements. She is here to help you. She will lead you through your transformation. Let her know what your fitness goals are. It is O'K if you are not sure about your goals yet. She can set them up for you at the beginning until you build some body and mind awareness.

I look forward to seeing you in our super FUN classes regardless of the program you choose.

With love,

Yours Elena @ElenasBarre

November 21, 2021 - About 21 Day Festive Challenge Program - Read about the program below

The Best 21 Day Festive Challenge Program that Can Change your Lifestyle

This is the ultimate 21 Day Festive Challenge Package if you are looking for a deep immersion into fitness, well-being and a healthy lifestyle. It’s the most concise and comprehensive curriculum you can find. Enjoy the benefits of the program at a very affordable price. Join the community of fitness and wellness enthusiasts, yoga teachers and enjoy the daily support of your teacher.

What is included:

Effective fitness workouts of various formats to build cardio, muscular strength, durability, and flexibility

Muscular toning

Restorative stretches

Yoga therapy for starters to build awareness of the body and mind (gentle yoga flows)

Awareness and mindfulness


Inspirational quotes, talks (ddod)

Minimal time commitment for busy people with busy schedule

Ask your questions

Commitment program: 21 days for 21-30 minutes/class


Q: Why is it called a “Challenge”?

A: You noticed! I called it a “21 Day Festive Challenge Program” because it’s a commitment program, and as you might have guessed, a commitment is always a challenge to some degree. It’s less of a challenge for someone who is already familiar with the concept of self-care and regular exercises, but it can be quite an experience for those who are still planning. So, stop thinking, start doing. :-)

Q: Can I take classes at my own time because I cannot attend the live sessions?

A: Absolutely, all the classes will be recorded, you get access to all the classes within this program. You can watch all the classes at your own time as long as you practice every day.

Q: If I skip one day, can I still watch the following classes?

A: Of course, you can, and you should, just try to not miss a single day. Watch the missed class(es) at your own time whenever you can. The idea of the program is to not miss a single day to develop the habit of the exercise routine.

Q: What do I get at the end of the program?

A: Hm, let me think... This program will introduce you into various fitness style workouts such as cardio, yoga, pilates, restorative stretches, breathing exercises, yogic philosophy: chakras, meditation, daily dharma talks, inspirations, yin and yang in practice. Most importantly, due to the structure of the program, it will provide you with the tools and techniques to keep going and maintain a healthy routine afterwords. It's up to you if you want to proceed or not. Oh, and if you survive this program, you will be announced the winner and you will get a certificate of completion.

Q: Why does the program last for 21 days? Is it enough to develop the habit?

A: Good question. 21 days is a good kick starter to form a habit. However, based on the health psychologist Phillippa Lally, 21-day habit is described to be a myth. It says that a new habit takes at least 66 days and 254 days until it’s fully established. So, as you can see this program is just an introduction to those who want to start a healthy routine and to those who just want to have fun and see what they are capable of doing. You will need to keep practicing afterwards to form and secure a long-term habit.

Q: If 21 days are not enough to form the habit, then why to do it? Why to bother?

A: Great question. I’m glad you ask it, because it shows that you really care and are interested in your success. Acquiring a new habit within such a short time requires a lot of will-power. You can say it’s a test of your inner strength, because based on this experience you will be able to see how truly committed you are not just to fitness and to your wellbeing, but really to anything in life. Most people cannot commit and maintain new habits. They give up because they often lose motivation over time and are off track. Acquiring and keeping a new habit for longer than 21 days is a challenging process, but it is possible! Sometimes it takes a person a sudden decision - a determination to finally accomplish what he/she wanted to do for very long time, but always came up with excuses not to. It can take us a moment to decide to start eating healthy and lose weight. Our standard should not be those who failed accomplishing their goals, our standard should be successful and healthy people who managed to reach their goals and develop a healthy habit within 21 days and those who were able to maintain it for many years or decades.

Q: What does it really take to form a habit? How do you form a long-lasting habit?

A: First of all, the success of the habit formation depends on the level of your commitment, how often you practice it. This is why this 21 Day Festive Challenge is a commitment program, because we are testing here the level of your commitment. Secondly, it needs internal and external accountability. Internal factor means that you hold yourself accountable through your own conscience, you are responsible for your own practice, you do not skip a single day. This is what I teach you in this program - how to be a strong individual and rely on yourself for your own practice. External factor is a teacher, a community, a family member who support you in this journey and who observe your progress and commitment. Unbiased coach (teacher) is the impartial observer, he/she will give you honest feedback on where and how you can improve. The right teacher/instructor can help you save time, money, move on with your life and perceive your goals, Thirdly, how big is your habit? How much change does it require? Breaking down habits into mini-habits and mini-goals makes a large habit more measurable and achievable. This is why we are not doing a commitment of 2 months or 2 years right away. We start slowly and tackling the goal of a healthy lifestyle with small steps.

Q: I am determined to form a habit in 21 days. What do I need to do?

A: It’s great that you realize that the habit is not formed on its own. You should determine the importance of that habit: why and how having that habit will affect your life. Ask yourself these questions: how that habit will change my day? How will it help me achieve my goals? What effect will it have on my relationships with myself and with others?

Q: I already know how this habit can help me, how it can change my life and how it can impact my relationships, what is next?

A: You need to constantly remind yourself of that new image of yourself until that image is psychologically glued to you, until it will connect you to your new habit and until you recognize that you are not true you without that habit. This image becomes part of your life.

Q: What if I’m not good and not consistent at reminding myself of that image?

A: Don’t worry, this is what I’m here for. I help you build that connection with yourself by uniting your body, mind, soul and spirit so that you become independent and strong to do it yourself. I have a wonderful community to motivate you to stay on track and after attending every single day of this program you will notice that with each day you gradually will be able to rely more and more on yourself to practice. Of course, you will need to keep practicing after the program ends, but the last day of this 21 Day Festive Challenge will be a new beginning for you.

Q: It all sounds very interesting, but I’m still not quite sure about this program. Is it right for me?

A: Only you can answer to this question. If you are not sure about this program, how sure are you about your level of commitment and about your habit? How sure are you that you need to improve your lifestyle?

Q: What if I am not happy with the results I get from this program? Can I get refund?

A: First of all, the results are very individual and are based on how much you commit and practice, they also depend on the anatomical structure of your body, your physical and/or medical conditions (if you have any), so we cannot guarantee any improvements, because this program is not meant to detect, cure, and release the symptoms of any pre-existing known and unknown conditions. In case of health issues please consult your health provider. Secondly, as with any commitment programs, it’s not just your commitment that plays role here. Our instructor has put tremendous efforts, research, and physical and mental exertion into creating this concise program that includes all elements that contribute to overall wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle and that can be useful in the lifetime. It’s the commitment of your roach/instructor as well to provide the best quality training experience. Therefore, this program is not refundable and not exchangeable to cover the expenses associated with this program. For more information, please read our waiver liability and disclaimer form when you sign up.

Q: I'm ready to proceed! I decided that this program is the right challenge for me and I'm willing to commit to my lifelong wellbeing. What shall I do next?

A: Yay! I'm so happy you are determined to succeed and improve your lifestyle! The best investment is to invest into your health and wellbeing, because only when you are strong, stable and healthy you can help others. The next step is to actually SIGN UP to the program and wait when it begins! It starts in a few days! I'm very looking forward to seeing you on board!

Let me know if you have more questions and would like to learn more.

Take care of yourself.

Your Elena @elenasbarre

November 1, 2021 - Breaking Down Success and Fitness Results - Watch the video or read the article below

The topic of today's discussion is the Success and Fitness Results.

I feel like this topic deserves more attention and truthfulness because, as we all can see, there are SO many fitness professionals and fitness programs that promise us fast results, such as do splits in 2 weeks or a headstand in a month and etcetera. But there is something they never say! They never really tell us how often we need to exercise to achieve those results, and they never tell us that every person has a unique body structure, and a lot of the flexibility depends on the individual's musculoskeletal and bones structure. Basic knowledge of anatomy is missing.

Only an open person who is willing to learn and constantly improve himself/herself, meaning that he/she is willing to take other teachers’ classes and learn from them and constantly research the topic makes a great and safe teacher. Teachers who just teach and don’t learn anything from their peers become stale, they lack knowledge. Sure, they get most of the students, because that’s what everybody seems to want, but what about the quality?

In yoga we say a good teacher should do his/her own sadhana, meaning that a good teacher should do his/her own practice, it’s either taking other instructors’ classes or practicing yoga or any other fitness style in addition to what they already teach. Ideally, they should only teach 20% and they should learn 80%.

I never really understood how a fitness instructor can binge on sweets, be an overweight (I realize it's a thin line here between those who have (a) chronic and/or genetic disease(s) and when it's a man-made condition, I'm talking about those, who by their own actions or a lack of actions have lead themselves to that state and ignore taking adequate actions to correct their diet choices and habits) and promote health and wellness to others? What can you learn from the fitness professional who doesn’t follow his/her own advice? Can he/she really teach you how to lose and maintain weight if he/she struggles with maintaining his/her own weight? If your goal is to lose weight, gain shape and strength, and get the best quality training find a coach/instructor, who is result-oriented in action, someone who will push you in a safe way, and someone who doesn’t give up his/her constant education and practice regardless of the number of clients he/she has. Find someone who is both physically and mentally stable and strong, because they can only teach you what they are.

Next time you choose your trainer and the fitness program I want you to think about all these questions. I want you to listen to your inner voice and answer to the basic question: does this coach/instructor resonate with me or shall I keep looking? While you do so, keep in mind, that often truth can be ugly and hard to hear. If you are not willing to admit it, you most likely will not succeed, because the first step to solving the problem is realizing the problem exists. ;-)

Remember, being fit and healthy is a lifelong journey. It does not happen overnight.

If someone tells you, you can gain or fix something quickly, they are most likely selling you a nice dream, which it’s not true. As humans, we tend to believe in a dream world, because it is easier than working and actually doing something. But unless you have S.M.A.R.T. goals in mind and actually follow the steps to reach those goals, your dream will not be fulfilled by you just signing up for an expensive fitness program and hoping that it alone should be enough to fix your problem. NO, just signing up is NOT enough and somewhere deep inside you know it! Only actions or lack of actions can lead to results (desired or undesired).

And finally, one more important question I’d like to ask you: why to wait until something bad happens to your body, or until you cannot move or have a severe condition that forces you to change your lifestyle?

Why can’t you do it gradually, in a gentler way throughout your life? Why not to take care of your body, mind and soul when you still can? Why to wait until the extreme situation occurs and your doctor prescribes you tons of pills and may be, if you are lucky, a yoga therapy or another fitness activity?

Start taking care of yourself NOW! Don’t wait for later! Later may never happen.

Have respect for your body and mind. Stop drinking alcohol, taking drugs and binging on sweets.

Sugar is the most dangerous, yet seemingly innocent drug that people are addicted to by their own choice. It is possible to get rid of it, you just need to have a strong willingness, a long-time commitment and consistency in adjusting and correcting your food choices.

Start exercising and watching your diet TODAY!

I hope these ideas and questions help you to make further decisions. Check my 21 Day Festive Challenge Program, a kick starter to help you set up a healthy habit that can serve you for a lifetime.

Let me know if you have more questions and would like to learn more. I'm happy to do more research with you.

Take care of yourself.

Your Elena @elenasbarre