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Happy Shopping! Check my listed items on Poshmark. Some of these clothing pieces, shoes and bags are completely new and were never worn before...

I'm a fan of sustainability. Why to buy something from an expensive brand when you can find it for a better price and help another person out? ;-) I used to buy a lot of clothes, jackets, shoes and other accessories, but, as life keeps showing to me, none of them really matter. I end up wearing the same comfy leggings and tops over and over again... LOL, so don't make the same mistake I made guys. Buy only what you need. If you need nice pieces of garments, check out my Poshmark profile. Chances are you are going to find something you are looking for there... ;-P

I started cleaning my house more regularly of unnecessary things and I think it helps to keep it organized and have clarity in my mind and actions. I often donate clothes that Champaign Taste Consignment Store in Kirkland does not take. Occasionally I get some of the items back on Poshmark if Champaign Taste does not sell them. So, keep an eye on them. ;-)

I made a few videos about Champaign Taste Consignment Store. Check them out on Elena's Barre YouTube Channel. It's a very beautiful store worth visiting.