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Join for a SUPER FUN MINI ABDOMINAL BLAST with the HULA HOOP this Thursday (September 29, 2022) @8:30 am PST!

The link to the workout will be sent to you shortly after you fill out this Disclaimer/Liability Waiver. You can also watch it on YouTube LIVE Stream if you don't want to take part in the competition.

The ONE who lasts the longest will get a FREE ONLINE BARRE/BELLY DANCE/PILATES/YOGA FUSION workout in a mini-group with Elena's Barre! :-)

Look forward to seeing you at the workout!

Let's have some FUN together!

ONLY at Elena's Barre - BRAND NEW FORMAT - BALL FIT (Balance Fitness)!


Gentle Yoga /Pilates Flow: Mon, Wed, Fri @ 7:15 am PST

ONLINE Barre/Cardio/Belly Dance: Mon, Wed, Fri @ 9:30 am PST

Do RESTORATIVE Foam Roller Class Once a Week!

READ & ACKNOWLEDGE the DISCLAIMER before the classes!


Holistic approach is very important when it comes to our health and well-being. If we only work on our body and skip our mind, we are not in a complete balance with ourselves. It has been proven that mindful exercises help us gain more results within a shorter period of time, become more aware of our life choices and take the right decisions. Next time you workout, try to focus on the movement of the body parts that we are targeting, and you will see your true potential. I'm not saying you should push yourself harder, just be aware of the muscles you are working on. You will notice the difference.

How do we gain awareness and attention?

This is a good question. Some people develop it automatically over time as they keep exercising, others may need to put some effort into developing the skills of focus and concentration by practicing meditation and various breathing techniques. Being aware and paying attention when our body is moving, when we are eating and participating in our daily activities is crucial for our safety, overall wellbeing and success. Being conscious also helps to develop and maintain healthy habits. Through patience and persistence we reach results we want. Sometimes we just have to let go off our impulse desires and wants to be able to enjoy the path of transformation "of the self through the self to the self"... (Bhagavad Gita)


It is not just enough to kill the symptoms, although it seems easy. It is smart to find the cause and change your perception, attitude and approach to the problem. If you want sustained results, you need to devote your time and effort towards them. They will not magically appear and stay with you. You need to keep working on yourself. Everything takes time and patience. Being healthy, strong and stable is a daily choice you make, it is a lifestyle.

So, be patient with yourself and with others.

Elena Wilson, EB's Owner

Elena's Barre Programs

Do you enjoy the upbeat workout with the dancing elements to enhance your stamina, gain overall strength and flexibility ? This program is ideal for you. Through proper breathing and cardio low impact workouts you will be able to maintain the figure, lose weight and tighten the most desired muscles. You will experience the elements of modified ballet exercises to improve posture and gain flexibility, barre workouts including the cardio and dancing element of the beautiful belly dance. We meet 3 times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:15 am PST for 40 minutes. You get all your muscles working with restorative stretches in the end. Every Friday at 08:45 am PST we do a RESTORATIVE FOAM ROLLER class to stretch and to relax the tight muscles. If you love fun and interesting workouts that will challenge you in different ways, sign up for this program!

Do you enjoy slower pace more mindful workouts with soft music or no music ? Do you want to improve your balance, gain stability, reduce stress, increase mobility, improve your posture and really feel mind-body connection? This program is an effective combination of pilates and yoga exercises. We might alternate between the two or we might blend them together depending on how you feel. Each day is different and we should treat our body with respect. Sign up for this program if you are relatively new to fitness, want to build mind-body awareness and/or if you would like a deeper (inward) experience.

BALL FIT Balance Fitness

Ball Fit is a BRAND NEW Format at Elena's Barre! It is an ultra express full body workout that targets the entire body from head to toes. It is a very effective, fun and very rewarding workout. You will notice the difference right after the first class. We always start with the proper warm-up, get deeper into the muscles and then finish the class with proper stretch to help us recover from intense workout. Working on BALANCE is very important and in many fitness activities this element is often overlooked. Our balance or lack of balance is responsible for overall wellbeing, muscles, posture and even some serious conditions and health problems. I run a 2-week challenge to help you build the habit of self-care and introduce BALL FIT into your life. So, join me today for daily mini-routine that will help you improve your quality of life! All you need for this challenge a HALF EXERCISE BALANCE YOGA BALL that you can purchase here: or find a similar one on AMAZON.



Stay consistent with your workouts. Commit to your health and well-being. Sign up for any program that works for you best. May be you will alternate the workouts. ;-) Remember about a FREE RESTORATIVE Foam Roller Class that you can attend regardless of the fitness activity you practice. It's very effective to release the lactic acid and recover all the muscles.


Hi there! :-) Welcome to Elena's Barre Low Impact Full Body Workouts!

My name's Elena. I'm the founder of Elena's Barre and I'll be leading you through your "journey from the self, through the self, to the self". ( Bhagavad Gita)

I LOVE teaching, learning, exploring and staying consistent with my own practice.

I'm obsessed with well-being and a simple and balanced life. I have been practicing yoga for my entire life. I started with fitness long time ago since I was a kid and throughout my life I have been practicing various sports. I teach different formats: barre, cardio, belly dance, pilates, yoga, pranayama, meditation and restorative classes. I'm a musician and write my own music for our classes.

A healthy and a happy life is POSSIBLE, it's a choice you make every single day, it's a commitment and those little baby steps we take, it's a lifestyle. Watch your diet, it will help you in the progress of transformation. Maintain a healthy well-balanced diet. Consult your dietitian for specific advice. Just like anything a healthy lifestyle takes time, patience and effort. If you want a quick fix and expect fast results, you should probably find somebody else. ;-)

Let me know how your fitness path has been so far? What's your fitness background? Fill out the Stay in Touch Form on the website:

Look forward to seeing you soon in my LIVE classes! :-)

With LOVE,

Yours Elena @elenasbarre

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Gain strength, flexibility and inner balance with Elena's Barre Low Impact Full Body Workouts !

Hi there! I'm Elena. I'm your fitness instructor with over 20 years of fitness experience. I have been fascinated by fitness and wellness and I have been practicing sports for my entire life. I believe that people should not have an urgent reason to stay fit and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I did ballet, Pilates, step, yoga for many decades before I realized teaching fitness to others was my calling. I have decades of teaching experience: I was teaching foreign languages before I moved to the US, I also worked for more than 10 years in the educational tourism sector managing all related affairs: preventing departures, resolving various cultural conflicts, assisting with the visa documents, etc. I currently help with marketing in the family-owned business and develop my fitness programs with Elena's Barre Teachers' Community on my Elena's Barre YouTube Channel. I love learning and exploring. I believe this is what we are here for: to analyze our mistakes and enjoy the life lessons. ;-)

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