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"Only consistent actions lead to consistent results" Elena, @elenasbarre


Welcome to Elena's Barre Low Impact Full Body Workouts! Here we offer a very interesting and effective cross-training program that comprises of well-balanced low impact full body workouts that will help you gain overall strength, stability, mobility, and flexibility over time. If you stay consistent with your practice and don't miss the classes, you will notice significant differences in your body and mind. 

All the workouts are low impact workouts that can be adjusted to your needs and to your physical capabilities. It is recommended to cross-train for better results. These classes can be practiced at any point in your life, just be present during the workout, modify or challenge yourself based on your desires and based on your physical capabilities. 

Your safety is number ONE priority at Elena's Barre. With these regular workouts we gradually build body-mind connection, awareness, overall strength, mobility, stability, and flexibility by properly warming up the body, targeting specific muscle groups, do some challenging poses (in Yoga) or getting deeper into the muscles (in Barre/Pilates/Cardio Workout) and finish the classes with a proper cool down or with a deep foam roller stretch. 

We practice difference styles of Yoga: Hatha, Ashtanga-Vinyasa, Yin & Yang Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama. We also have a Cardio Dance/Barre/Belly Dance program to boost the heart rate a little bit strengthening the heart muscle and enhance your lung capacity and overall endurance. These workouts are effective if you are trying to tone your muscles, gain proper posture and flexibility. They are recommended for healthy individuals. Modifications are provided throughout the classes, and you can also reach out, share your experience and progress with Elena's Barre by filling out STAY in TOUCH form. Let Elena's Barre know about your fitness background. Read more about Elena's Barre programs below. 

Elena's Barre also aims to challenge your belief system because it is good and healthy for you even if the facts sound mean and you do not like what we tell you. We cannot only work on the body without working on the mind. Body and mind are very connected. Our belief system forms our attitude and actions and if we only base our decisions on emotions without taking into account the objective facts we can make a lot of poor life choices that will lead to bad outcomes later in life. 

Elena's Barre contributes to the wellbeing and and health of our society by raising controversial topics, revealing the objective facts and challenging people's belief system so that our society has more rational people who take better rational decisions. If we manage to challenge the minds of a few people and prevent them from making emotional decisions, we are happy. 

We are looking forward to seeing you at the workouts and controversial discussions. Remember that consistency with good habits is key to your success. "Only consistent actions lead to consistent results". EB Owner, Elena Wilson

Elena's Barre Cross-Training Program

Different Yoga Styles

Elena's Barre offers a variety of Yoga styles. 

Barre Fitness

You can find a huge collection of Barre workouts of different length and intensity level.  Barre Fitness workouts are ideal if you want to target different body parts, tone your muscles without creating the bulkiness in the body, gain overall strength and flexibility. These classes improve your balance and stability. 

If it's a faster pace class, you can burn calories & loose weight if you stay consistent with it. In these classes we work on the whole body: arms, shoulders, core, glutes and legs based on your requests. Barre classes will help you improve your posture by strengthening the abdominal muscles. 

During Barre workouts we usually alternate between various tools here: light hand weights, resistance bands, stable chair (barre), a 9-inch Pilates ball, even a foam roller (for more challenging classes). Please use Yoga blocks for your convenience. Make sure you modify and/or challenge yourself based on your desires and your physical capabilities. Feel free to stop and take water breaks whenever you need during these classes. Listen to your body and just try to have FUN!

Belly Dancing Drills

Belly Dancing Drills are a set of typical Belly dancing movements  such as undulations, isolations, hip/chest lifts and drops, pelvic circles & a little bit of layering, etc. In these classes we isolate and move different body parts. This can be pretty challenging, especially if you have never tried a Belly Dance class.But, the more you practice, the more you develop the muscle memory and the better you will get at it. Belly dancing is very healthy for female health. It helps to alleviate back and hips pain and find connection with the feminine side. Just try to be consistent with your practice and you will get there. Also listen to your body at all times. Make sure you modify and/or challenge yourself based on your desires and capabilities. Take water breaks, listen to your body and just try to have FUN!

Fitness Recovery


Pranayama is the 4th limb of Yoga practice. It is generally defined as breath control.  From Sanskrit "Prana" means 'vital energy' or 'life force'. Pranayama utilizes  the breath to effect the prana  in the nadis (the energetic pathways of pranayama or energy body). The word "yama" means 'control' or rules and codes of conduct (1st Limb of Yoga). "Ayama" is the correct word from "pranayama", it means 'extension' or 'expansion'.  We implement Pranayama practice into regular Yoga classes. Your breath is the most important process of the body. It impacts the activities of every single cell and it affects the performance of your brain. Humans breathe approximately 15 times per minute and 21,600 times per day. The quality of your breath affects all aspects of you body. 

Mind Challenges

Mind challenges in addition to physical challenges contribute to overall wellbeing. It's important to challenge your belief system in order to be balanced and mentally stable. A healthy human should have humility, be willing to learn from others and be capable of challenging his/her own assumptions even if he/she does not agree with what he/she hears. These observations and mind challenges are based on the objective facts. It's up to you how you take them: rationally or emotionally as a personal attack. Elena's Barre is trying to bring more awareness to you, so, that you take better rational choices in your life based on the objective facts, not based on how you feel about them. Remember that you are practicing all of the classes and activities at Elena's Barre at your own risk and discretion. Elena's Barre members will not be liable for any harm or injury you may experience as a result of fitness and mind challenging activities. Thank you for your understanding. Join us and challenge yourself! 

Pilates Workouts

Pilates is a very effective & safe form of exercise that focuses on correct form & pelvic and spinal alignment. Regular practice allows to gain more strength & flexibility in the whole body. Pilates helps to relieve overall tension, burn calories. It's a great activity for cross training and preventing injury through body-mind connection & awareness of the breath. All you need is a mat & your body weight. 

In Pilates classes we focus a lot on neutral spine and on building strong core (abdominals and back muscles). We execute all movements in a flow with the breath preserving proper posture and form. 

Try to be consistent with Pilates practice. You might feel that because it is a very slow pace class with minimal and controlled movements, you are not doing much, but trust me, you are working hard. This practice requires a lot of focus and concentration. 

Pilates has 8 principles and ideally all of them should be followed simultaneously: relaxation, concentration, alignment, breathing, co-ordination, precision, fluidity and stamina.

If you are just starting out your fitness practice please check the very first class on Thoracic Breathing and Neutral Spine. Try to practice thoracic breathing outside of the class too.

DISCLAIMER: As with any workout please be mindful of your body, its limitations and use commons sense before, during and after the workout. Please consult your physician before performing any kind of fitness activity, before changing your diet and before doing any drainage if you have any issues with your sinuses or lymphatic system, or if you have history of health issues. Consult your doctor if you want to change your diet. Stop it immediately if you experience severe pain or discomfort. This class is generally for people with good health. Do not do this class if you suffer from osteoporosis (reduced bone density) or osteopenia, where your bone mineral density is lower than normal peak density, but not low enough to be considered osteoporosis. Get medical clearance before practicing this class. You should avoid flexion of the spine all together (crunches, rolling, anything that causes you to bend forward o rounding your spine). More research needs to be done on younger spine and flexion. So, please be mindful of your back. Consult your doctor always before practicing Pilates. If you have chronic non-specific back pain, you can benefit from Pilates practice. If you have specific back issues you can also benefit from Pilates practice, but you need to have sought medical treatment, you should have doctor's permission to attend Pilates classes and know what you need to avoid during your practice. If you have arthritis or lupus, you can attend the class, but do not force yourself and never work to a point where you experience pain. For minor injuries such as stiff neck or sprained ankle, apply appropriate modifications. If you have a more serious sports injury, please seek medical advice. You should have permission from your doctor to attend Pilates classes. If you have a hip/knee replacement, you can practice Pilates once you have finished your physiotherapy and have permission from your doctor to practice Pilates. If you are pregnant, consult your doctor before attending Pilates classes. Avoid deep twists and any exercises that put a lot of pressure on your back and abdominals (supine position, planks and deep twists). Check out my gentle Pre-Natal yoga classes. (I have completed 30 additional hours of Pre-Natal Yoga TTC). You are performing this type of workout at your own risk and discretion. Elena's Barre will not be liable or responsible for any injury or harm you may experience as a result of this activity and online videos or information shared on our website, including e-mails, videos and text. Thank you for your understanding. 

READ MORE ABOUT OSTEOPENIA: https://www.webmd.com/osteoporosis/gu... 

READ MORE ABOUT OSTEOPOROSIS: https://www.niams.nih.gov/health-topi.... https://www.versusarthritis.org/about...


From Sanskrit the word "Ayurveda" means the science or knowledge of life and well-being. Determining your Dosha(s) type(s) will help you establish a proper diet and choose the appropriate fitness activity. Ayurveda is a very broad subject; we are trying to narrow it down to these two main factors that contribute to your wellbeing: workout and diet. From Sanskrit the word "Dosha" means something that is wrong, faulty or defective. It can indicate that there is an excess of some elements in your body that can lead to a disease. So, by balancing out your Doshas you can manage some of the health conditions or in some cases even prevent certain diseases. Of course, it is very individual, because everyone has his/her own body structure, genetics and other external factors such as lifestyle, food choices, etc. that can impact predisposition to certain health conditions. Check the seminars below. They will help you determine your Dosha type(s) and general recommendations of what foods you should eat and what foods you should avoid based on your Dosha(s). Keep in mind that these suggestions are not a replacement for medical treatment. Remember to always consult your dietitian/doctor before drastically changing your diet or engaging in any fitness activity if you happen to have any health issues.

Sattvic Food Recipes

Sattvic Food Recipes by P.K. - one of Elena's Barre teachers will help you to vary your healthy diet and try out interesting sattvic food recipes. These videos are available for free on Elena's Barre YouTube Channel and on Patreon. Please acknowledge that P.K. is not a licensed dietitian. So, if you need specific dietary advice reach out to your dietitian. Elena's Barre members are not going to be liable for the outcomes you may experience as a result of this activity. Thank you for your understanding. Try his recipes and share your experience with us.

Dessert Recipes

Dessert Recipes from the Food Recipes playlist on Elena's Barre YouTube Channel are here to show you easy to follow recipes that do not take a lot of time and are relatively healthy. These recipes will be posted occasionally. They do not have artificial sugar and very rich in protein. They will last you longer that snack bars and other unhealthy snacks especially if you are an emotional eater and can't control your cravings. Keep in mind that Elena's Barre members are NOT licensed dietitians. You are following these recipes at your own risk and discretion. If you need a profesisonal dietary advice please consult your dietitian. Elena's Barre members will not be liable for any outcomes or harm you may experience as a result of our activities. Thank you for your understanding. Feel free to change the recipe, accommodate it to your needs and share your experience with us.

Foam Rolling Recovery

Recovery plays crucial role in improving your performance, productivity and relaxation. It's as important as exercising regularly. Foam roller stretches after intense classes will help you to stretch sore and tight muscles and release lactic acid. For individuals with no health issues try to implement this practice into your fitness practice at least once a week.  Some contraindications include: high/low blood pressure, pregnancy, open wounds, inflammation, diabetes, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, hypertension, bone fractures, etc. Please consult your doctor before doing this practice to make sure you can safely execute these stretches. 




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